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Published: 21st May 2010
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The very important side for almost every player of carom game is their grip. If player have a proper grip than it is a vital signal in favor of maintaining stability as well as accuracy in player's hit. Let's see a small number of the essential grip patterns along with talk about their pros and cons.

In these days the direct grip is possibly the most frequently used grip in some type of style in carom game. The hand should be detained palm side downward intended for the straight grip along with the fingertips quiescent consistently lying on the carom board. Let the wrist get relaxes on the margin of the carom board. Most of the players make use of their index finger to give a shot whereas few utilize the middle finger at times through a simple forward push of the fingers.

Most of the players discover that if they take the striker in the middle of the third finger and thumb as well as allow the striker to go as players are making the hit then it attaches superior stability and amplified accurateness to their shot.

A lot of beginners make a common mistake that is to raise their index finger at the backside of tilt of the thumb and along with this they allow departing the finger violently, spanking the striker by the tilt of their touch. This is very tough to continue accuracy at the time when you are making an attempt in this manner and more notably it can have a hurting result.

One more better practice is allow your index finger to take rest lying on the carom board to some extent, straight at the reverse as well as just touching the striker to give the shot by using a light shove of the finger seeing that is divergent to a strike. This practice will show the way to a far superior accuracy as well as a further pretty understanding of the carom game.

There is one more grip named as scissor grip which is not as much familiar as direct grip but it is utilized for forward attempts.

This grip is most excellent realized by lots of carom players.

In this type of scissor grip all the hits are completed by using the middle finger and which is placed down flat part on top of the carom board as well as perpendicular to the planned lane of the striker.

on top of the middle finger the index finger gets relax and grabbing it at the back until the moment of unshackle, which provides a break that will be able to make huge power at that time if made properly. As a result, a number of players who make use of the direct hold in favor of their common shots are entitled to utilize this type of scissor grip by the moment of breaking.

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