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Published: 01st March 2010
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In the carrom game the judgment will be from the resource of the most excellent amongst the three sets of four boards or it can be twenty three points whichever is prior. The player who achieve peak of the fourth board or score 23 points first and lead others, will called champion of the 'set'. The carrom game has to express as "SET".
Coach can provide guidance to their players during intervene time. Under Carrom rules, time limit will be only for two minutes, in these two minutes players allow to seek advice from coach. These 2 minutes permitted in between 1st and 2nd sets furthermore between 2nd & 3rd sets.
Players must be playing area till the carrom games get over. They are not allowed to leave game in between. Side will be jumble up after two boards and before the 3rd set. The time limit of 10 seconds will be agreed to put the penalty or make a hit.

Players cannot score more than 11 points in a board. Any dues or written off will be done involuntarily. Queen is having the value of two points, its value always more than other coin. The player who wins the carrom board will be permitted to be qualified with the Queen value; even though the loser of the board holds the queen he will not obtain any point.
It not essential to be cover the queen but player should try to get the acclaim of two points for pilfering. If the player has scored 21 or 22 points then also he should not drop the advantage. Player should take the credit with those two points by winning the queen.
Usually in carom game, player will hold two points by winning the queen at every stage of the set. There will not be any reflection in the score. The player can pocket the queen after taking coins of his own. Players can take the queen after taking one's all nine white or black coins.

If player takes all the coins of his own even then also the board will not be consider as over because he can still win the game by pocketing the queen as the last coin. If player fails to take the queen, then turn will be overtaken by the opponent. The opponent may take the queen either in between of the game or in beginning or in the end also.
The opponent can still continue his turn when the coins leftovers on the board even after getting the queen. He will be winning the board by two points while getting the queen and all the coins, because all his coins taken by his opponent. If he cannot pocket any of the remaining coins then he will be losing the board.
If by any chance the player could not to report to the Umpire about his match board, before 5 minutes previous to the designed time of the match than he will lose the complete game. The reporting time is considered only five minutes.

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