Carrom Equipments, Rules and Regulations in Detail

Published: 07th July 2010
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Carom is a board game which is played between 2 - 4 players individually or in two teams comprising of two players each. The goal of the player is to gain points by pocketing all the wooden discs which belongs to them with the help of a striker. Because of its slight resemblance to billiards, it is also called as "Finger Billiards". This board game is highly popular in many parts of the world owing to its simple rules, easily accessible board and also the amount of fun people have while playing this game.


In carom, the equipment used involves a square board of lacquered plywood, which is about 29 inches, with thick walls at the rim, and four pockets in four corners. The additional equipment required to play this carom board game is nineteen discs, nine white, nine black and a red one which is called the queen and a striker. The coins used in this game are also called as carom- men. The striker is comparatively huger, both in size and weight than the colored discs, and is employed to strike the discs in order to pocket them. Other carom board equipments consist of a carom stand which holds the carom board and carom powder which makes the surface smooth.

This game is basically played by first choosing discs of your choice, either white or black and then pocketing them as well as the queen which is in red, using the striker. The discs are struck in such a way that they are almost propelled to move into the four pockets of the carom board. Whenever the player gets a disc from his own set he also acquires the opportunity to play again until he is not able to pocket any more coins. If in case he pockets a disc which belongs to the opponent, he automatically loses his chance, and the opponent takes over.

According to the standard carom board game rules spelt out by the International Carrom Federation (ICF), the player needs to pocket all his discs as well as the queen to win the game or earn points and progress towards success. However, to obtain the queen, it is absolutely necessary to acquire a disc belonging to his set either simultaneously or soon after the queen is won. This obviously means that the queen must be attained before the last disc of the colored set is pocketed. If, in case, the player pockets the last disc before his queen then he loses all his points and has to surrender.


All the carom discs should be placed in such a manner that the queen lies in the center and the white coins form a "Y" in display. The person who wins the toss and chooses the white color gets to play first. If the player does not play from his side and crosses over to the other side to play, then it is called a foul. The player should also position the striker in such a way that it touches both the lines and if he wants to play from a different angle he should either cover the entire circle or not touch it at all.

To strike a disc forward, middle finger, index finger, or both middle and index fingers can be used. Such a shot is called a scissors shot. Conversely, to strike a disc in the back pocket, only the use of thumb is allowed. However, this is allowed only when back shots are permissible. Usually when teams are playing, these shots are not acceptable.

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