Carrom board game is popular in many countries

Published: 27th October 2010
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Carrom board game is a popular indoor game played by all age groups. In Asian countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan people love playing this game in their leisure time. During evenings, children play this game with their neighborhood friends or with their grandparents.† In slum areas, you will not find television; their time pass is playing this game.

Carrom game became popular in India in early 20th century. In the beginning, Indians played this game just for fun, but in 1950ís carrom federations formed and sponsored national tournaments. In 1960ís Europeans started playing this game, and many international tournaments began to take place. In 1991, international Carrom federation published an official set of rules in order to standardize these tournaments.

Carrom is given different names in different countries like Carrom, Carums, Karom or Karum. The board is like a small square made up of wood with pockets in each corner. You will find nine black coins, nine white coins and one red queen and a striker on the board. Each player tries to flick his color carromen into the pocket.

Carrom is also popular in Middle Eastern origins. This is a popular game played in many elementary schools. The game can be played by two players or in two teams. The carrom board is 29 by 29 inch square table. It has four pockets on each of the corners of the table to catch the disks. On the center there is a painted circle so that you can place the coins in the circle before starting the game. You can apply some powder on the board so that carrom-men can glide easily in any of the four pockets.

The striker is heavier than carrom-men and can be used in the same manner as a cue ball in billiards. Decide who will shoot first by having a non-player hold a carrom-man of each color in each hand. Have both of the players guess which color is in which hand. The player who guesses correctly has won the toss and may go first. The object of the game is very simple you should get all your carrom-men into pockets before your opponent does. †

Neither player can win a game of carrom until either of the players has covered the queen. The queen is covered when a player pockets any of his own pieces the turn after he pockets the Queen. If a player makes the queen but does not sink a carromen on the next turn, the queen is returned to the center of the table. A player wins a carrom game by sinking all of the pieces of her particular color, but players can only win after the queen has been covered. If a player covers the queen and sinks all of this carromen pieces first, then he receives bonus points at the end of the round.

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