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Published: 02nd June 2010
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The commencement of carrom is quite tricky to recognize up to certain extent. This game started hundreds of years ago but people still in dilemma with regards to the origin of carrom. Origin of carrom yet on debate, few say that this game begun in India, while others describe its origin to Portugal as well as Burma. By just avoiding the origin of carrom, in recent time- it is the most wanted game all over the world.

This is an indoor game, can be played with friends and families across the world. Carrom is a great entertainment for all the people because it is not very tough to understand and have fun. To start the game you just need a square shape wooden made board and carrom coins, carrom striker and carrom powder. The detailed descriptions about the carom accessories are given below:

Carrom board mainly comes in square shape but nowadays hexagonal shaped carrom board also available.Based on your preference you can select carom board. There are various sizes of carom board available in market such as small size board, medium size board, large size board and extra large size board. As said earlier carom board is made of wood along with flat & smooth surface. It has four corners with net pocket and borderline frame of hardwood. Carrom board is very important to start the game and most of the board will defiant from water.

Carrom Coins are made out wood and being used to play the carrom game. Carrom Coins named as pucks or stiff disks. Pucks will come in a set of nineteen and in those nineteen coins, nine coins are black in color whereas nine coins are white in color and only one coin will be presented in red color. The red color coin called as queen and it is a unique coin. Players of the carrom should hit the pucks inside the net pocket to score the high point and at the last they have to pocket the queen then only they can win the game.

Carrom strikers help you to shoot the pucks at the time of playing carrom. Only two strikers will be there with the various graphics printed on them. Carrom powder is very important to smooth the board's surface and to decrease abrasion. Carrom powder look after the board from any scratch and roughness and it also help in the smooth movement of coins.

Carrom net replacement is excellent to renovate the corner's net pockets and these net will present the sense of being new-fangled. Carrom board cover is being required to keep the carrom board safe from any damage such as humidity, scratches and dirt etc.

Carrom board cover is accessible in various sizes and it makes easy to carry the board. Carrom score counter facilitates you to know your score and also helps you to avoid any confusion between you and opponent. Carrom board stand holds the board and when you wish to play carrom by seated on the chair then this stand provides immovability when playing.

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