A perfect body posture is required while playing carrom

Published: 05th November 2010
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Generally people think that carrom is an easy game to play as it has very simple premise such as pocket all your coin first to win the game. Most of the players think that they just need to sink all their pieces prior to their opponent sinks. But this is not the actual case because winners and champ players will also confess that expertise in the game involves almost great practice. In order to improve the game techniques regular practice also not enough until and unless you are well aware about your body position while occupying yourself in game.

So you should know the ideal body posture when playing carrom. If you generally sit like a relaxing position and far away from the board or on border of the chair, then it will be very difficult for you to balance yourself while playing. Therefore you have to sit in a comfy position but remember that the space between you and carrom board should not be too close or too far. Because if you are very close to board then you may feel uncomfortable while striking the coins and it might harm your elbow while turning to hit coins. On the other hand, if you are far away from the board then you may develop stress in your hand because you have to stretch each and every time to reach the board from your chair.

You should try to change your body movement so that you can adjust yourself to fit in your shot. When you are putting the striker by aiming a carom piece to pocket it, line your body directly to the pocket. Your body moment and the striker have to move in same track when you are planning to bounce the attacker straight to a pocket. Donít place your feet below the carrom board because it is not a suitable posture to hit the striker. Your feet should not remain in an ideal position for long time so keep them moving with every attempt you make. It is good for continuous blood circulation as well as improves accuracy.

As the height of stands and chairs differ for each board, you have to maintain a constant height of the carrom board. If the height is often changes and it is not equal then your grip will also change. Occasionally, even an additional pillow will help to improve your height to the board.

You should practice to improve the speed because most of the players face common problems such as striking the coin so hard that it go out from the board or there is no sufficient force to sink the piece inside the pocket. So you have to find out whether you are striking the piece at the correct spot. Once you know the right posture, start practicing and hit at the correct spots by placing some coins in the middle of the board.

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